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Friday, July 15, 2005

¬°Bienvenidos a Mi!

What's happening, gang?

Looks as though I'm the new kid in town. (I won't go referencing Eagles songs again- promise!)

Mitch has gone and done did the unthinkable: unleashed a monster of unspeakable, well, monstrosity and ZodAttack will never be the same. Or something. This post may be a bit longer than your average Joe Blog, but I promise I'll cut em short in the future.

Anyway, so what's new in my Zod's world?

Well, I'm using picard's awesome TCPMP media player for movies and podcasted blogs like 1src and PalmAddicts. It just keeps getting better. And what's more, I'm doing the logo and banners for the upcoming TCPMP site! Fun stuff.

Lastnight I came upon quite possibly the second coolest app I've ever seen on a Palm OS device: MoePaint. This is like PhotoShop on the Palm, no joke! AND it supports the Zod's widescreen format, including hiding the DIA. It supports layers, gradients, fills, a lot of the drawing/painting tools you'd expect in a professional drawing program, but it's not even a fraction of the cost- it's free!

The first coolest Palm app, for me, is of course Bhajis Loops. This program, by French developer Olivier of Chocopoolp, is incredible. It's a multi-track sampler/sequencer with lots of audio possibilities. You can layer sounds, add LFOs, EGs and create complex drum and melody tracks all on the Palm. Then export as wav and load on any PC for playback and mp3 encoding! The program will run you 27 bucks, but if you're into music creation it is most definitely worth it. You can even record audio into the program if your Palm device supports it. (Zodiacs, sadly, have no microphone, one of their only detractors)

I've been doing a lot of tests of free software lately, and I have to say there's a lot of good stuff out there, but some of it seems intent on crashing my device, no matter what I try. Two different calendar replacements, A5 and KsDateBook, both presented me with major headaches. A5 refused to remain in portrait mode, my preferred method of viewing the datebook generally, and I eventually found it was the culprit behind a nasty case of digitizer drift my Zod had encountered. KsDateBook was nice and familiar, basically a repainted version of the built in DateBook, but it crashed my palm almost every time I opened it. I recommend you stay away from these two apps (on the Zodiac at least) until their bugs are worked out.

Next up- My "official thynctank-certified list of Palm/Zod apps". Never leave home without the whole listful crammed into your Zod.

Till then, happy Zodiacking. Or something.



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