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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Inner Backup

What looks like a promising and ├╝ber-useful app is thus far a non-working frustration with a pretty interface on top.

Inner Backup, a freeware/donationware product of Inner Solutions, has a great Mac-like/XP-like shiny new interface, and promises to backup your entire system to VFS (that's your SD card, kiddies) and allows even multiple backups from different dates!

So far, I've had nothing but bad luck with the program, to the point where I'm forced to hard-reset the device after that horrendous staticky reset/crash I've experienced a few times with other apps, but I'm in contact with the developer and he is very receptive and he's put out a new version since I last tried the app.

It's a promising concept and I'll definitely contribute to his income if he can give me a nice, simple tool like this for backing up without a hotsync.

Still no further info as to why my Zod was locking up when scrolling through apps on the card, but I've reverted to Yoyo's ZQuake and still having the situation continue. Also deleted Zyrian, no luck.

I'm feeling like my SD card is conspiring against me, lately. *sniff sniff*



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