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Monday, July 18, 2005

Mo News

So more of what's new with me and my Zod:

Bluetooth dongle for the lappy. I'm now hotsyncing over BT among other things. When I can figure the damn configuration details for the dongle drivers. (accidentally rearranged the setup and haven't been able to fix anything since except hotsync)

Ordered a couple wireless (Just IR, not BT, I'm a poor man!) keyboards for my Zod and my girlfriend's Palm. One's a Targus and one's a Think Outside. We'll see which we like, though my heart is already kinda set on keeping the Stowaway one for myself hehe.

Thinking of using MoePaint (see previous post) for doing a ZodAttack logo, as well as some more general work for my own sites, etc. Here's a simple little dog I drew. It's facing away from the viewer. Considering using either it or PenPenCol as my notetaking app in the coming school semester. I tried using DiddleBug last semester but the small available screen/"paper" size is a major hassle. But it's still my reminder-note taking app of choice.

Trying a few new day managers like Today and PlanMyDay (which is more of an organizational prioritizing app thingy) so far digging on both of them, though PMD is a bit much to learn in under a minute. Least neither of them is f***ing with my digitizer like A5 was! Least, not so far.

Also just discovered Zodiac Mobs. Will definitely have to either join or set one up in the area if one doesn't exist. And start recruiting.... muahahaha.

Haven't tried ZQuake out yet but will definitely update you when I know something.



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