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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

FontHackV issues, New games...

Well, I've been using FontHackV and YAHM now for almost 2 months probably. (I'm not so good at keeping track of time/names/faces/events/anything, so do forgive inconsistancies) It's still one of the awesomest things I've used on Palm. I can now read every single one of the 15-or-so reminders I have in my DateBook every day. (well, usually anyhow)

Before FontHackV, I'd have to scroll just to see more than 3 or 4 reminders. I can read eBooks more naturally, with fonts that are thinner and that don't grate on my eyeballs. Let's just say I love it.

There are, however, some drawbacks to FontHackV. Basically, you're on your own to discover which apps do and do not like the hack. There's no single signal that they don't like it, they either freeze up or crash with a memorymgr.c error or whatever. Some apps are okay with certain fonts and not with others. I'm sure it has to do with the metrics of a given font and the parameters the app in question is expecting. I guess some prgrams are just more adaptably coded. I've also tried using FontCollector and FontBucket (PC and Palm-based apps, respectively, for importing fonts from the computer to the Palm and adapting to FontHackV and Plucker formats, etc) with some success.

Anyhow, I've also still not cleared up the occasional crash when scrolling all the way down the list of apps on my SD card, I'm thinking at this point I must have some poisonous prc or something in the Launcher directory that needs a spanking and cleaning out. I've checked, it's not the FontHack.

I have, however, in the last few days, discovered a few new Palm games that are worth mentioning. First there's Lights Out, modelled of course after the old handheld puzzle game of the same name. I've already prescribed Jewelator, which is a fantastic game in this same vein, but the puzzles in Lights Out seem to be more varied and interesting. I'm currently on level 31. Watch out, it's another game that doesn't play nice with FontHackV! Had a few freezes before I thought to disable fontshacks in this program.

The other game I've discovered is TimeBomb, an awesome PipeDream-style puzzle game with a classic Hollywood timebomb counter counting down hundredths of a second before the supposed bomb detonates, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is quite varied. I wish you could go back a few levels to calm down a bit and actually feel like you're doing well once you get a bit further on in the game. Haha. I'm currently on level 23.

Check it out!


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