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Saturday, August 20, 2005

LJP 1.0 RC2

Tinnus and YoYo (dev of the awesome LJZ emulator), have updated LJP to the 2nd Release Candidate for version 1.0. There are many Advantages over LJZ, incluing much better SNES support in my opinion. It's much more stable than the previous version but should still have some bugs don't delete LJZ yet. The flashing battery and time icons hae also been fixed. Remember, before you install, delete any previous version of LJP. Roms, saves, ... can be kept.

Direct download for the lazy people: LJP

Changes from RC1 to RC2 :
  • [SMS/GG] Fixed some memory issues : sound buffers & z80 precals buffers weren't released at exit.
  • [ALL] Fixed some feature memory releasing issues (categories & rom).
  • [ALL] Added a "crash handler" : after a crash LJP will clean what it can.
  • [ALL] Changed the way preference are saved, using an .ini file. Should be more robust when crashes occur.
  • [NGP] Fixed a crash bug when accessing GUI/Config/GFX & going back. (memory buffer was to small).
  • [ALL] Scale2xSAI fixed (smoothing mode 3).
  • [ALL] Scalers optimized a bit (reduced source buffer reads).
  • [ALL] ZEM files have now a version number to avoid using old-wrong- version.

    Blogger Mitchell Rusk said...

    snes emulation seems to be slower than lzj snes emulation.

    Thursday, August 25, 2005 4:03:00 PM

    Blogger fuhgettaboutit123 said...

    Then I certainly won't be running this, leastwise not yet. Speed is my only main issue with LJZ. I can load all the games I want into LJZ, with few glitches (though my copy of Super Metroid did lock up about halfway through the game and I haven't been able to play since *sniff sniff*)

    Friday, August 26, 2005 10:12:00 AM


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