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Sunday, September 25, 2005

PalmPSX available for Zod! For real!


ZodTTD has made a playable PSX emulator for the tapwave zodiac. One Piece Mansion and the Buster Bros Collection were tested, and the games are playable on PalmPSX. In his own words: "check out what i did last night after some boredom"

PalmPSX is now nearly a full speed PSX emulator for the Zodiac. PalmPSX runs well and at good speed. Video is little choppy at times but the games run at normal speed. Currently PalmPSX is not yet using a frameskip. Once ZodTTD can get a clean frameskip in place, things will run a whole lot smoother.

PalmPSX v0.20-
- Of course, A GOOD SIZED SPEED INCREASE, due to compiler option tweaking/testing, and rewriting of Null SPU code.
- Graphics core fix for some graphics glitches.
- Started implementing HLE for future speed increase and to get rid of the BIOS requirement.
- Nearly complete button mapping:
- Power off the Zodiac during gameplay.
- FASTER LOADING TIMES due to larger storage card read-ahead


Function START
Pressed-in Analog Stick SELECT
Analog Stick Up/Down/Left/Right
Top Hard Button X
Other 3 Hard Buttons The other 3 buttons on the PSX.
Left Trigger L
Right Trigger R
These button mappings might be wrong, if so let me know. I had to do some guess work on the SELECT and L/R buttons.
- Exit the game immediately by pressing START+L+R

Features planned to be implemented in in the near future:
- better compatibility for currently incompatible games example:Tactics Ogre (crashes on loading)
- a config file
- Save states / Memory Card implementation
- gzipped ISO's

Download it here


#1 Double click ppsx.prc located inside the zip. Install to internal memory or your card.
#2 Put your ISO .BIN's in /PALM/PROGRAMS/PPSX/ on your storage card.
#3 Put SCPH1001 . BIN inside /PALM/PROGRAMS/PPSX/ on your storage card.
#4 Run PPSX and click the game you want to run and click GO.
#5 Share what you find that runs somewhat here


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