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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Firehammer levelpacks and Geopod XE....Free!

Fathammer has released some gifts for Zodiac Users who have supported them since 2003. The first gift is three content packs for their game FireHammer, the packs are named Sirian, Negative Space and Omega. You will need the original game from the tapwave store to play these, which is unfourtanatly unavailable.

The second gift is available to all zodiac owners, the game Geopod, a racing game in the vein of wipeout for the PS2/PSP This game was never actually available to buy and was never even announced for the Zodiac. but even though this is a great act of generosity, it means that they plan to completely cut off zodiac suport, and thus are releasing them for free.

This game is simialar in technique to Stuntcar. If you bump into a wall, your energy will become lower, thus making your energy run out faster. If this happens you will go much slower and will not be likely to win the race. Also, many people do not slow down while going into a turn. While this is not always neccesary, it will decrease the chance of hitting a wall.

You can download the FireHammer content pack here and the GeoPod XE game here. Both come with installers so simply run them and HotSync your Zodiac.


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