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Friday, October 07, 2005


Well, I've had considerably less time to devote to fun stuff like music and playing games since school started.

However, I've had a LOT of hands-on time with a few excellent Palm progs from nosleep software. ( I'd used FileZ before, of course, but never really made any use of their other tools, which are primarily geared toward students.

Due Yesterday is a cool little program for organizing your class schedule/homework assignments/grades. It allows you to see what assignments are due today/this week, sort by class, show what % of an assignment is due if you like, automatically calculates your current grade standing in class, all kinds of stuff. I basically use it to remember what classes I have when, to keep track of names of Profs and to setup homework assignments. (you can have it automatically export to ToDo or DateBook when homework assignments are created, which I do)

While Yesterday is a neat program, it's fairly typical of Palm programs.... it's YAO... Yet Another Organizer. It's neat that it specializes in class assignments, etc but it provides no real unique functionality. QuizWiz, on the other hand, is a lot more unique and very useful, particularly for cram-happy students like myself. People like me, we rarely pay attention in class, we prefer the pressure (or simply find ourselves inexplicably in the situation.... all our lives) of putting things off till the last second, whether we mean to or not.

QuizWiz is a cool tool you can use to mash concepts into your brain. You create quizzes in the MemoPad app on Palm, (or the desktop conduit, of course) and import to the application. You can then test yourself on knowledge using either "Flash Cards", T/F, or Multiple Choice. The quiz can be timed or not. If you have 50 questions, you can limit the quiz to 10 of those, for time constraint. After you've taken the quiz (it will automatically mishmash correct answers from different questions into the multiple choice so there's no real need to create bogus answers manually) it will show you the % of right answers, and you can even have it re-ask you ones you get wrong till you get them right... you WILL learn this stuff, people!

Also been using Diddlebug more than I ever have before, and sometimes creating diagrams in Inspiration ( for organizing ideas like trees and other data structures.

As always, my measly budget (and that of my girlfriend) is being tracked perfectly in MyCheckBook from Quick's PDA Software (

Anyway, just figured I'd share one student's plight with the community.



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